life needs a new start sometimes…

sometimes it just isn’t enough… sometimes you need more… sometimes you need to restart to begin to breathe again… if only i could find the restart button in this crazy world… or better still, change time and travel to the future when all of this has passed and when everything is better and i’ve learned the lessons i need to learn… to a time when it doesn’t hurt so much – when things don’t seem so invincible… i need a touch of stardust to get me through… although i think that i am made from stardust at times… i crumble and dust when i feel out of place… it’s frustrating and annoying… as though i can’t even control what my mind does… not that i can control it that much at the best of times, but still a modicum of control would be nice some times… just a little… it would make my world a little more droll… just a little…


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