what are we so afraid of sometimes? why do we baulk at opportunities that present themselves? why are we so scared to take on a new challenge? what makes us fear the unknown? oh how i wish i had the answers to these questions, but all i know is that i want to fear less and become a little more fearless… wouldn’t that be great – taking the chance when it presents itself; being prepared to lose it all because i think it’s the right thing to do; loving without conditions and without fear of losing… perhaps we need to look at some shining examples of humans being fearless – looking at the 80 year old man who still skis the most advanced courses because they’ve got the best powder (true story) – he travels all over the world to find the best powder and to be totally fearless regardless of those around him who tell him that he’s “too old” for that kind extreme sport now… he’s 80 and he’s still living his life to the fullest… he’s a kind of inspiration – never stop being who you want to be – nothing can stop you being who you want to be unless you allow yourself to be stopped… become fearless and fear.less… remember the 90s slogan “No Fear”? well, it’s time to make it real and turn it on!


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