• laugh often
  • love wholly & unconditionally
  • write whatever comes as inspiration is not always predictable
  • expect the unexpected
  • live my own life in my own way
  • listen with an open mind & open heart
  • truly listen when someone talks
  • work hard, play hard
  • know that true friendship takes time
  • remember the good times & forget the bad
  • give unconditionally
  • have a thirst for knowledge


  • judge
  • lie
  • fake friendship
  • take anything for granted
  • break promises
  • hate
  • forget who I truly am
  • stop learning about & ‘improving’ who I am

I’m sure there are many other always/nevers for me… But this one focuses on my actions… I’ll come back later and write an Always/Never about my things… A bit more of a ‘fun’ one!

Thanks to @ealvarezgibson for the concept of Always/Never – muchly appreciated – great thinking tool… 🙂


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