Wishing on a star…

I wish for a lot of things in life, and I often get the ones that I really need… I wished for a good job: I got it; I wished for a ‘new start’ in life: I got a new job, a new location, a new start; I wished for love: I got it (even if it did hurt in the end); I’ve wished for so much that I’ve gotten… When you believe in yourself, it’s quite a powerful thing and you can get what you want – even if it’s not quite what you expected. But we’ve got to be careful not to be greedy because it can come back to you and bite you badly…

Anyway, here’s a short list of things that I’m wishing for right now:

  • Strength to continue at full tilt for another couple of weeks before burning out
  • Peace in the knowledge that I am on the right path in life
  • Health to become healthier every day
  • Confidence in myself to continually believe all that I do and want
  • Honesty, even when it is brutal

I have some of these, but I wish for them to be a continuous presence in my life. Of course, it’s only a short list, but from small starts come great things…


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