the vodka night

isn’t it funny how certain things like alcohol make us more open and more free to be? why is it that we often seem very conservative or restricted in “real life”, but when we drink, we feel that it’s okay to “let loose”? i mean, shouldn’t we always be true to ourselves and be who we are no matter what we’re doing? why is it that many people only show their true colours when alcohol is involved? what is it that allows some of us to become more honest about who we are and what we want from life when alcohol is involved?

this may sound like a lot of random ranting about alcohol but i’ve recently had an experience where the truth of a situation was spelled out clearly due to some alcohol consumption… it wasn’t a ‘bad’ truth; in fact, it was the opposite: it was illuminating… it was a truth that allowed one person’s life to change in an instant and possibly create a whole new path… a path that entails more freedom, more truth, and more love…

however, the path to more freedom, more truth, and more love is fraught with dangerous traps for everyone involved… so i’m guessing it must be taken with extreme conviction and some caution… otherwise it has the potential to become a very twisted path with lots of circles, sidesteps, backsteps, forward leaps, and general chaos… but from chaos great ideas, people and circumstances can be created – just as the phoenix rises from ashes, so too can greatness come from chaos… i guess the truth behind it is that the person must have great faith and bravery – faith in themselves and their choices and bravery to maintain their chosen course no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of them…

oh dear… i guess it’s just the choice that’s left now – risk it all? live in relative safety? whatever choice is made, only one thing must remain constant: don’t ever doubt the choice.

*nb. feel free to replace ‘alcohol’ with any vice you may have or wish to have*


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