piercing beauty

sometimes we see something so naturally beautiful that’s been ‘destroyed’ and it takes a while to understand how that beauty has been enhanced by the detruction… while trapsing around egypt recently, i was in philae temple in aswan/philae… such a beautiful temple – but it had been defaced by christians during the crusades… such a beautiful piece of architecture and an amazing achievement for that civilisation… but the defacing of the temple created a new ‘face’ for it – an image of what happens when tolerance is not one of the words in the vocabulary of the invaders… well, i guess the word ‘invader’ rules out the idea of tolerance, too… anyway, as i was being immersed into the history, culture, genius of the temple, i stumbled across this lovely cactus flower… and this is what i call piercing beauty… the flower is being pierced by the thorn but it still thrives and it looks even more beautiful because of its pain… however, the flower understood its situation, became tolerant, and now thrives in beauty together with the spike… could nature give a more stunning image to take away from the temple? perhaps not… after i saw this amazing flower, i realised the message of the temple: beauty is what we make it and beauty destroyed can be even more beautiful than it was before… it also reminds me of the phoenix rising from the ashes – a beautiful bird made even more beautiful by destruction… i know there’s a lot more to be said about the phoenix, but there are parallels there for me… piercing beauty make the beautiful even more so…


1 thought on “piercing beauty

  1. Such a beautiful photo, love it’s symbolism 🙂

    And I just loved this line of your post: “beauty is what we make it and beauty destroyed can be even more beautiful than it was before…” so true!

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