time, space, creativity, freedom… what are these?

oh dear me… this time it’s getting complicated and i’m not sure how to deal with it… so i’m not… at least not now… not when i have six days until i leave and then i don’t have to think about it for five weeks… all i really know is that i need space… i need time… i need to rediscover my creative mojo… i need more freedom to be me… i need this in both my personal life and my professional life… i need balance… but is balance ever really possible? i mean, everyone talks about it, but i don’t really see many people who have that balance… so how can i find that balance? i think i need time out for me… last time i took time out for me, i changed my world… and i may need to do that again now…

where has it all gone now? i used to have a good grasp on what was important to me – a good grasp on what it meant to be me… now i seem all out of balance – out of kilter – out of everything… i want to find that happy place again… it’s been suggested that i need to do something like yoga or relaxation or meditation or something similar… i agree… but when do i find the time if i want to keep my job? where do i find the energy if i want to sleep more than five hours a day? where do i find it?

i need to find it in myself… i need to work on allowing myself the room to be imperfect and to not finish everything… the time to breathe… the space to breathe… when i breathe, i can feel the creativity flowing through me… i can feel the freedom within myself to be who i want to be… i can do all of this without leaving wherever i am… i can do it all within myself, through myself, and by myself… i need to allow myself to be imperfect… i need to allow myself to say no… i need to allow myself to relax… i need to allow myself to be me…


2 thoughts on “time, space, creativity, freedom… what are these?

  1. I understand what you mean by this post, I agree with you and share the same questions at times.

    Taking time for yourself is always best 🙂
    Unplug yourself from the expectations of the world and let yourself be imperfect, discover what means most to YOU and only then consider the rest.
    Hope your introspection works out for the best (again)!


    • As always, thank you! I’m trying to unplug myself, but it takes some time… It seems as though I’m very complexly wired and they don’t want to untangle… But I am trying… Thank you for your words!

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