(also known as Where To From Here?)

Do I really want to do this now? I mean, where would I start? How would I start? And the most confusing thing: this applies to so many areas of my life at the moment… So let’s start with one that is in my present right now: The Prince.

The Prince
The Prince presents a conundrum in himself. He is the sweetest, most loving man I’ve met. It could be safe to say that I’ve fallen, and I’ve fallen hard. But then the reality of living half a world apart, in many senses, drives me insane. It makes me wonder what the reality of it all is. Someone once said that finding the right person at the wrong time still makes them the wrong person. What if I were to make it the right time? I believe that we can create our own destiny, but if I were to change the course of this situation, would it change the end result? I mean, The Prince is amazing and the way we work now, well, works. But I want more. I want a whole lot more. I want to see if this would work in the real world, not just the world that we create when we’re together or the one we create when we’re apart. I want to know if this is “it” – whatever “it” may be.

For someone to completely “get” me and still not be afraid of who I am, that is amazing. For someone to actively care for me and love me for who I am at my best and at my worst, that is a dream come true. For someone to believe in me when I don’t believe in myself, that is heaven on earth. For me, that “someone” is The Prince.

The Prince showed me what it was like to love again. He helped me break down those walls that I had painstakingly erected over so many years. He understands my hesitations and my shortcomings, and rather than ignoring them, he helps me work with them, through them, to find a better me. I know that a constantly developing, growing, changing person is inside me and that The Prince helps me find who I am and express who I want to be. For this, but not only this, I am smitten. I have fallen.

I know that I don’t need anyone to complete me, but I feel like The Prince does more than make me feel whole – he makes me feel worthy to fly with the wings I’ve been given: fly as high as the sky, as far as the end of the galaxy, and as close to the sun as I desire. With The Prince, I feel like nothing is ever impossible and that passion always exists in everything I do.

So help me, I think I’ve fallen for good…


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