…social support…

what is social support? for me, it’s about having a social support network available when i need it – available when i feel down and available when i want to celebrate… social support is about having a group of people (or sometimes things) that are there for all stages of life – for all experiences – for all occasions… so where is this social support network? for some, it’s a physical network like a family; for others it might be a cyber network like facebook friends; for some, it could be the company of a pet…

for me, my social support is online – it’s my friends that i chat with, my friends that i follow on facebook, my online connections that make me feel part of a community… i guess that’s because i don’t feel part of my physical community here… and that’s something that i want to change… exactly how i will change it, i’m not sure… but i will try… i will try because my sanity depends on this.. depends on me being happy with my choices – and this choice is one that i have to work though and find balance in… find the balance for my choice… and if i can’t find it, then i can change my choice….


1 thought on “…social support…

  1. I just went to a conference this week and social support was one of the top five indicators of an abundant life. One thing they suggested was finding a cause or two that you support and to attempt to build some connections that way. They also talked about worship and that some are able to connect through their mosque, church, temple, etc.. Good luck with this.

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