…that feeling…

Do you ever get that feeling that something big is about to change? I got that feeling a lot today – and I mean a lot! It started in a workshop when I realised that so many people there were not living in the here and now – in the “real” world – but rather they were living in a theorised world that is full of contradictions, uncertainties, perceptions, and unexplained biases. Not to mention that anything that anyone says or does can be interpreted in so many different ways that it’s probably no use in saying anything at all for fear of misinterpretation.

Then I got it when I re-caffeinated and couldn’t do what I had planned… Another type of “that feeling”, but a “feeling” nonetheless… A feeling that intensified when I went to the other place, too. A feeling of displacement perhaps – or of needing to be somewhere else. Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep – or the nightmares – but it was strong enough to convince me that something has to change. Now.

That feeling came back again when I read the news about SoKo – silly NoKo firing artillery shells and killing soldiers in SoKo. Not good. Not where I want my friends to be at the moment. It’s never been this serious before but today is different. Very different. In some ways I’m glad I’m not there to witness what’s going on, but in other ways I wish I were there with my friends and family. I really don’t like this feeling. Not. One. Bit.

Even right now I’ve got that feeling. It won’t go away. It’s going to be a long restless night.


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