Wishing on a star…

I wish for a lot of things in life, and I often get the ones that I really need… I wished for a good job: I got it; I wished for a ‘new start’ in life: I got a new job, a new location, a new start; I wished for love: I got it (even if it did hurt in the end); I wished for fun: I enjoyed my time. But now I wish for one more thing: clarity. I need clarity to define the path that I should follow. I love meandering along in life, and hurtling down an autobahn at 100 mile an hour, but I just want some clarity on my direction. I know my final destination, but I want to know where my next port of call is. Actually, I just want to know what country it will be. That’s all. I can figure out the rest.

So, I’m wishing on a star, hoping that my dreams will come true, praying that it is all that I want it to be. Life.


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