The Games People Play

Mankind is notorious for playing games: football, tennis, cricket, basketball… However, mankind also plays games that are not so obviously games: mind games, psychological games, power games, relationship games… These are the games that matter – these are the ones that do more than just hurt the pride of the “losing” team (or person). It’s these games that leave deep scars – not necessarily scars that are visible on the surface, but scars that go deep. Deeper than anyone except the victim can see. These scars are the ones that never fade.

Mind games are so complicated and never played fairly because one person knows more than the other and can twist words, contexts,  and situations to suit their mood. Mind games are tormenting to all participants because they drain the brain of the vital energy and power that drives the mind and allows it to be creative and free. Mind games stifle the true energy of the mind and wreak havoc on the amazing power that is the mind.

Power games – oh! power games! – where to start with this. They are unimaginably draining on the body, mind, and soul. For all involved – it takes a lot of energy to manipulate others and it takes a lot of energy to resist the manipulation. However, when you find yourself manipulating others and it is enjoyable, what do you do? Or vice versa? Power games are one of the most physically, emotionally, and energetically draining games to play.

Relationship games are interesting in that the roles people play and assume in connection with others is an interesting reflection of how they see themselves or how they want others to see themselves. Sometimes the game is all about reinvention or that one person can make everything right for another – the idea of “you complete me“. Many people fall into the this trap and give their power away. Others have their power taken from them because they haven’t yet learnt how to keep it. What is it in human nature that makes humans want to control others?

When you know that you have power over others and that you have the ability to hurt them, but you do it anyway because you feel the need – that craving – for connection, where do you find the strength to resist it for so long? It’s easier if the temptation is at a distance – it can be easier to ignore the craving – but when it’s right beside you, how do you find the energy – the strength – to resist? In a society where people are “free” to do as they please and to please themselves endlessly, where have the traditional values of patience, morality, chastity, and all the others gone? How did instant gratification become the norm and become a “right”? While there might not have been flushing toilets in the 1800s, it might have been a better time…

*This post will most likely be edited in the future.*


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