…listening to the thunder roll around the ridges… watching the big black mass coming over the hill… flashes of lightening a tantalizing start to the storm… the inner turmoil bubbles to the surface… the future lies awaiting, but is it for her?

…in the dreamscape that is her mind, she wanders freely oblivious to all that surrounds her except one thing: her prince… her mind is curiously never dull – alive with images of possible futures and the occasional insistent stab of reality… the painstaking moment of clarity when the veils drop away from the earth and everything is perfectly clear: this is not her life… thankfully this clarity vanishes after an instant otherwise it might need to be faced…

…bringing joy into her own world, she dreams of another way, another world, another time, another place… another life… one where nothing matters but matters of the heart, mind, and soul… one where the soul can commune with the energies surrounding it in peaceful beauty… one where the stillness of the mind is only briefly interrupted by the rare desire to partake in a frenzy of changing places…

…moving with the flow and living in the moment without the pressures of human life are some of the escapes that she plans as her world constricts around her bringing the inner turmoil bubbling, boiling, to the surface… the ferocity of nature in all her glory strikes a chord with the young one, inviting her to join the fray and release herself to the wild chaos that is the universe… feeling the energy that flows directly from the original source, she begins to sway, to move, to glide, with the rhythm of the earth…

…with a crash of thunder and a burst of lightening, she slams back to reality… not her reality, but one that those around her have built… a reality that she wants to, needs to, escape… a reality that is not of her own choosing, but in some ways of her own making… this reality conflicts with her true self, her true being, and it jars her soul to the core… so penetrating is the feeling of violation that she shudders, she shivers, she shakes… she succumbs…


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