silence on the blogwave

So, I’ve been quiet for a while. There’s a number of reasons for this, but let’s just say that my life is going through a very interesting phase where lots of my beliefs and understandings are being challenged and extended. I’ve also found the need to do a “brain dump” regularly on another (more private) site and this is has been helping me work through this time. But I want to talk about that site for a minute. Or two.

The site is And it’s exactly that – a place where you write 750 words per day and it stores them but no one can see them. The site creator mentions that as writers, we sometimes just need to “dump” what’s in our minds to clear them so we can focus on the day ahead. In pre-tech times (or for old school writers~ haha!), it was recommended that three pages were written every morning – just writing to get the words and ideas out – a kind of brain dump. Three pages translates (on average) into about 750 words, hence the site title.

Admittedly, I could do a brain dump here every day, but then I would wonder if I could publish it or not – would I want to make it more anonymous so that those who may know me offline don’t quite understand what I’m going through? Hmm… Interesting. I’d rather dump at and then come here to write something more meaningful and hopefully more sensible. So, my writing here hasn’t been as often as I would like it. I’m actually still stuck on a post from February 14 – it’s still in the works because I’m not sure how to word a feeling that transcends all others…

One thing that I love about is that it analyzes the written words for tone, feelings, temperament, and so on. It tells you what you primary emotions were while writing… Here’s what the site says about the indices it uses:

This page displays everything I could find that I thought might be interesting to you. It uses two text analysis systems: the Regressive Imagery Dictionary (for the emotions), and the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count system. In addition, this site collects as much metadata about your writing as it can. The hope is that some correlations can be found that you weren’t explicitly aware of.

I highly recommend – it is a great resource and I’m endeavoring to get to it every morning – my brain definitely needs to “dump” these days. (Last night it kept be awake all night wondering what I had gotten myself into – and this morning I’m paying for my lack of sleep. Perhaps I should do a brain dump before I go to bed as well…)

I hope I will back blogging (relatively) regularly soon – I just need some time to find my words.


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