cut it down to build it up

end it all to begin again

a new start for a new day

so life’s endings are just beginnings

in a life of turbulence

the constancy of breath

provides a modicum of sanctuary

here in your arms

there in your embrace

it feels so warm, inviting

so foreign.

who do you think you are?

sitting there being so smug?

judging me for what i’m not

seeing what you believe is real

ignoring the truth behind the facade

being oblivious to it all

helping the scars run deeper

shades of red

red for blood

red for heart

red for love

red for me

red for you

don’t judge what you don’t know

don’t see only what you want to see

listen. wait. patience.

truth will come

it will be raw, painful.

it will be real, undeniable.

self inflicted, but honest;

self flagellating, but deserved.

in the end: real.


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