food for food

paleo pancakes

I am going to try something different. I want to add more creativity to my blog, and my creativity is lying in food these days. While I love writing and love being creative in that area, I am finding it difficult to complete posts. I have so many half written posts and pebbles of ideas that I’m going crazy. I figure that if I can focus on way creative outlet at the moment, then I share it through here. So, this  is my attempt to add some creativity to the blog as an alternative to my “usual” writing of posts. I find that I have more time to be creative now in the real world, but not so much in my blog world. Until I can find a better balance, I’m going to start uploading recipes that I’ve tried and hopefully these will inspire you in your own food journey.

A brief side note: I have numerous allergies and intolerances to different foods and proteins, so I am experimenting with paleo foods and raw foods. I am not specifically on a paleo diet or a raw diet, or anything like that, but I find that these foods agree with my body and mind, so I try to eat these as much as possible. I also attempt to avoid sugar, but this is not always successful…even though it makes my body feel horrible… One day I will overcome my sugar issues, but for now, my aim is minimal sugar (and sugar alternatives).


2 thoughts on “food for food

  1. Looking forward to it! I’ll have even more recipes for when you visit next time, and maybe won’t need to have another little meeting on what you can and can’t eat from my list of choices 😉 It was fun though, you’ve given me a whole new appreciation for food.

    • Oh, I hope we get to do it again! Although we’re a little further apart now, I really want to go back and see you (and visit more of Romania) again! Perhaps I can influence The Chef as well… 🙂

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