perfection in nature

Nature is amazing; nature is beautiful; nature is perfection. Nature is the world around us. If we take the time to truly look, we can see the beauty that surrounds us in every moment of every day. Go outside and look to your right – what do you see there? What don’t you see there? What did you see there yesterday? What will you see there tomorrow? Constantly changing, constantly surprising, nature can help us connect to what we know to be true in our selves; even in our concrete jungles, we can find nature looking for ways to be present.

This year I’ve taken on a small project to post one photo every day to help me see my world more closely, in more detail. Of course, I’ve been swept up in the Instagram hype, but I do love that I can take photos and not have to edit them on a computer to get them close to the gorgeous reality that I see. You’ll notice that I’ve added an Instagram feed here and I use this to document my world. Yes, I have missed a couple of days, but that’s okay. I love that I am looking at my day more closely and clearly – I am seeing so much more than I ever saw before and I love to share my daily findings with everyone. One of my favourite photos at the moment was taken on August 18 at Lennox Head, Australia. It is simply a seagull looking out to sea, but I wonder – what is he looking for? What does he see? What don’t I see? Does he dream of just flying endlessly over the ocean? Or does he dream of harassing the locals for food every day?

2013-08-18 12.45.57-2


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