supporting you

How can I support you when you won’t listen?
How can I support you when you don’t want to know?
How can I support you when you ignore me?

I want to support you; I want to be your rock; I want to be “there” for you. I’m here – right beside you – wanting to give you what you need right now. But you don’t want it; you don’t want to hear; you don’t want to know. You’re just too angry, too upset, too annoyed. What can I do?

I can wait for you. I will be here, waiting. I am here now and I will be beside you always. I am waiting: waiting for you to come back to me – waiting for you to be available – waiting for you to calm down.

I want to hold you and tell you that it’s all a mistake. I want to whisper in your ear that life goes on. I want to hold your hand, look into your eyes, and say “It will be okay”. I want to reassure you that this happened for a reason, that it was what needed to happen so that you can grow, that it is the right option right now.

You don’t want to hear this; you only see it as a mistake, a deliberate attempt to ignore you, a perfect lie. You don’t see it from their view: you don’t know their rules, their obstacles, their ignorance. You don’t want to like them – you want to hate them.

I know you love me, but shutting me out doesn’t help. You know I won’t go away – I’ll be here.

I’m here.



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