a food inspiration board

So, one way that I keep track of my increasing love for food and inspiration for food creation is using Pinterest. I know, I know, everyone’s using Pinterest now – I’m just following the crowd. However, I find it a really great way to track my recipes – those I want to try and those I love. I also use it to track ideas about food and cooking as well as other foody inspirations.

Do you have a food inspiration space or method? What do you do to inspire your food creation?


2 thoughts on “a food inspiration board

  1. For me at least, Pinterest can a quick way to spend HOURS on there looking at crafts, recipes, diy ideas and everything and anything else!
    So I try to spend less time browsing that. But it is a great way to keep recipes one likes all in one place for when they’re needed quickly.

    It’s funny, but just before I noticed your blog post I finished pinning my crafts and my recipes into a board over there 🙂

    • Yes, Pinterest can be a time eater, so I’ve learned to not browse there so much as find things on other websites and pin them. Then, most of my “Pinterest time” is spent on my own boards. Mind you, occasionally I do go and browse, but I set a timer to tell me to close the page… 🙂

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