a vampire story

There is a Korean vampire story that scares and inspires. It is of a woman who has been murdered and is doomed to roam the streets looking to avenge her death by drinking others’ blood. However, the blood never sates her thirst. It’s almost a typical vampire story – only the vampire is one woman and her victims never turn. Her roaming is endless; her search always finding victims, but not satiation. She has black hair, white skin, blood dripping from her mouth. She glides rather than walks; she is a silent killer. You might turn around in the street one night and see her following you. You might recognize her; you might remember her from dreams. If you do, you know you’ve been one of the lucky few to escape. Count your blessings all the way home. Go home now. Run. Lock your door, even though it won’t keep her out. Pray to your deity; they might keep you safe. Most of all – don’t look into her eyes and fall under her spell. She is beautiful; she is heartless. She is.

Halloween 2001


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