want more?

Not much to say except that i’m an extroverted introvert and often live in my own head rather than the real world… at least there it’s not so bad… usually…

General bio: living a one-person only life feeding the world’s idea of singleness

10 Things I Believe & Live By.

  1. No regrets. Never. Not an option.
  2. Live. Laugh. Love. Sleep later.
  3. Life is for living.
  4. Music speaks to the soul. It’s a fundamental of life.
  5. When one door closes, a bigger one opens. Always. Just be prepared.
  6. Happiness is from within. Strength is from within. Everything we need or want is within us.
  7. Nothing can replace human connection.
  8. Be still. Listen to the world. Be.
  9. You create your own destiny by what you choose to do or choose not to do.
  10. No one can hurt me unless I let them.

(I know some seem contradictory, but there is a time and a place!)

My Secret Life

My parents were… amazingly hard workers. They showed me the value of hard work and that if you believe in something, you can do it.

The household I grew up in… has been moved to another location; I don’t feel any loss without it because the house that has been built on the same land feels more like home than the original house ever did.

When I was a child I wanted to be… a teacher, or a flight attendant.

You wouldn’t know it but I am very good at… DJing. I can DJ up a storm with music from all decades and mix it to create a vibrant mood.

You may not know it but I’m no good at… dancing. Despite what you may or may not have heard, I cannot dance. I have no rhythm and must concentrate hard to find the beat in the music to move to.

At night I dream of… all the possibilities for my life.

I wish I had never worn… a tie dyed pair of clown pants. These pants were comfortable and bright, but looking back, I realise that I was just trying to make people notice me. People will notice me when it’s the right time, and I shouldn’t become an eyesore to make them notice me.

What I see when I look in the mirror… a face that is uncertain of the future holds, but this is good.

My favourite item of clothing… jeans.They are so versatile and are difficult to get dirty. There’s been research that has found that jeans can be worn for three months without washing and have no discernible smell or stains; I like this.

My favourite work of art… The Limbourg brothers’ calendar. It just oozes beauty and life. Check it out here.

My favourite building… Chartres Cathedral, in France. Original stained-glass windows and a labyrinth that reminds me of the journey we take from life to death.

A book that changed me… The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I’ve read this book many times and every time I read it, I find a new message.

My greatest regret… I don’t have regrets. Everything that has happened in my life has happened for a reason; everything that I’ve done, I learned from; everything that I’ve experienced has taught me something. No regrets.

My secret crush… is a secret.

My real-life villain… Religious zealots – religion is fine, just don’t force it on anyone or look down on others. Religion is a personal experience and should remain private.

My five-year plan… to breathe, to live, to love.

My life in six words… quirky, changing, adventurous, motion, inspiring, love.

(Inspired by My Secret Life: Paulo Coelho, 64, author)

5 thoughts on “want more?

  1. Hi Tabra. Fantastic blog. I see we have lots of similar interests. Will find you on Twitter as well. Hope the essay reading ended well! Have a fantastic day. Great sunshine.

  2. Love your list of beliefs, and I’m so glad to have met you, even if just online 😉

    I recently wrote a list of things I believe, and what can I say, even if some things do seem contradictory, I understand each point perfectly!


    • I was looking at your blog and loved your “about” page and thought about doing something similar, but one of your posts was more my style – the list of beliefs. I’m sure I’m contradictory, too, and some people really don’t understand when I contradict myself and why I do it… Oh well… That’s one of the wonders and joys of living!! 😀

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