Bonfire Heart – James Blunt


days like these lead to…
nights like this lead to…
love like ours…
you light the spark in my bonfire heart…


days like these lead me to you
to your arms
to your warmth

nights like this remind me why
you are my all
you are my only

love like ours gives us

you spark my flame
my flame ignites your heart
together we are everything
for each other
for us


Everything is destroyed; nothing is innocent; nothing is pure. Destruction surrounds the sweetest of souls, the purest of angels, the dearest of all. Destruction is human, is humane, is humanity. Destroy all that has meaning; purify my mind; cleanse my soul. To become completely whole, one must be completely destroyed. To be entirely reborn, one must destroy oneself. No traces remain; no remnants of the old self can exist.

I am destroyed; by an errant word, an unintended innuendo. I destroy my self, my love, my hate. Others destroy me piece by piece; I can destroy in one fell swoop. I have destroyed. I will destroy. I am destruction.

messed up

It’s kind of messed up how the mind can work someone into a blathering glob of blubber and make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s messed up how a tiny spark or suggestion can be the start of a stressful imaginary scenario that blows the facts out of proportion. The power of the mind to transform the most minuscule piece of data into a full-blown tragedy – this is truly amazing. Unless, of course, you are in the middle of the tragedy. That’s when it becomes heart-wrenchingly frustrating: the rational mind is screaming that you need all of the facts first and to wait – the hyperactive imagination is working in overdrive to create the most fantastic (as in fantasy) situation where nothing good can happen – or only good can happen. It’s messed up.

In a world where a more scientific brain exists (more scientific than mine), this messed up situation won’t happen because it will look at the facts and wait for all the facts to arrive before jumping to a conclusion. When only some of the facts present themselves, the irrational mind can arrive at a plausible conclusion; however, this is often a misleading conclusion because all of the facts are not in. Patience is required in order to gather all of the facts (and evidence) before a conclusion can be made. This is the key: patience.

They say that patience is a virtue: a virtue that is difficult to maintain constantly as the pressures of the world around us. Patience seems to be generally lacking in the modern world: everything is designed to make things faster, smoother, easier to do without the need to wait. Even the expectations of response times have been cut dramatically with responses taking more than 24 hours often considered “slow”. When did the world get like this? Is it a legacy of the Internet and the increasingly connected world we live in?





This is what we forget to do these days – to find ourselves and listen to the sounds of the world around us. Just to “be” and let “be”. At least, that’s the way it should be.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

I couldn’t just sit back and let this one pass me by… I have a new musical crush: Fat Freddy’s Drop. I went to their concert tonight at the Enmore Theatre, and while I was bone tired, I was able to just chill and let my mind wander while moving to their seductive rhythms. What an experience to see a sold out concert fully participating in the music: swaying to the rhythms, dancing to the beats, singing with the music, participating in the production of music. FFD seemed to be completely absorbed in their music and reveling in the fact that others enjoyed them – most of the time, it looked like it was a great jam session rather than a full on concert. This helped the audience become involved in the music and created an intimate atmosphere with more than 500 people… If you ever get the chance, FFD are worth every moment… Here’s one of their live performances on French TV. (Kinda random, I know, but also pretty cool…)