warm puppies breath, warm puppies breath!

I just had to write about it… I just had to!!! It’s been so long since I’ve smelt warm puppies breath and it’s one of the things in life that makes me truly happy… But someone just bought in a gorgeous little puppy for me to meet and I got to smell warm puppies breath!! I can’t remember how long it’s been, but I’d say it’s been about five year… Oh, how I want a puppy now! I know it’s not feasible, but I think I’m going to have to make it a relatively regular feature on my calendar to go into a pet store, pick up a puppy, and smell its breath… So wonderful! It’s kinda made my day… 🙂


(A very short post because I’m at work & couldn’t resist it!)


Wishing on a star…

I wish for a lot of things in life, and I often get the ones that I really need… I wished for a good job: I got it; I wished for a ‘new start’ in life: I got a new job, a new location, a new start; I wished for love: I got it (even if it did hurt in the end); I’ve wished for so much that I’ve gotten… When you believe in yourself, it’s quite a powerful thing and you can get what you want – even if it’s not quite what you expected. But we’ve got to be careful not to be greedy because it can come back to you and bite you badly…

Anyway, here’s a short list of things that I’m wishing for right now:

  • Strength to continue at full tilt for another couple of weeks before burning out
  • Peace in the knowledge that I am on the right path in life
  • Health to become healthier every day
  • Confidence in myself to continually believe all that I do and want
  • Honesty, even when it is brutal

I have some of these, but I wish for them to be a continuous presence in my life. Of course, it’s only a short list, but from small starts come great things…

Happiness is…

Sharing some of my favourite things through “Happiness is…”

Happiness is…

  • warm puppies breath
  • the smell of the earth after rain
  • a good book on a rainy day
  • silence in moments of pure ecstasy
  • self realisation
  • the simplicity of the small things in life
  • the purity of thought while scuba diving
  • clarity in life
  • spontaneity
  • belief & confidence in myself
  • true friendships
  • focusing on the intricacies of nature
  • photographing macro subjects
  • finding beauty in everywhere
  • unexpected compliments

An incomplete list because it grows every day: I’m constantly finding new things that bring me joy, happiness, and wonder. What’s on your list?



  • laugh often
  • love wholly & unconditionally
  • write whatever comes as inspiration is not always predictable
  • expect the unexpected
  • live my own life in my own way
  • listen with an open mind & open heart
  • truly listen when someone talks
  • work hard, play hard
  • know that true friendship takes time
  • remember the good times & forget the bad
  • give unconditionally
  • have a thirst for knowledge


  • judge
  • lie
  • fake friendship
  • take anything for granted
  • break promises
  • hate
  • forget who I truly am
  • stop learning about & ‘improving’ who I am

I’m sure there are many other always/nevers for me… But this one focuses on my actions… I’ll come back later and write an Always/Never about my things… A bit more of a ‘fun’ one!

Thanks to @ealvarezgibson for the concept of Always/Never – muchly appreciated – great thinking tool… 🙂

the secret life of shadows…

as i was walking home from the gym this morning, a strange thought assailed me… i looked at my shadow and wondered what it would be like to be a shadow for a day… i started imagining what the shadow would see and how the shadow would react when in other shadows… looking at the world from the ground up and having a limited view of what it could see with its world centred on me… how weird… and then if one shadow met another shadow, would they disappear? would they fight? would they talk and mingle? what happens when one shadow meets another? how does the shadow feel when its not very strong? what happens on the cloudy days? is it like a holiday? and what about when it’s around midday and the shadow is directly beneath me… is it like a lunch break? do shadows rest at night? or is it only because there is no light to see them that we think they sleep? what is their secret life? what do they do when we’re not looking? oh to be a shadow for a day – what a different perspective i would have on the world! (not sure if it would be a positive or negative perspective, but it would different – that’s for sure!) i hope i can keep thinking about the secret life of shadows… it certainly is entertaining and meditative! 🙂

A wee bit of data…

Borrowing this from Estrella – a cool blogger that is a breath of fresh air!

I decided that it’s about time I did something like this… And every day is a new beginning, so even though it’s “just another day”, it’s a day to celebrate!

Screen name tabras
Birth date January 29
Star sign Aquarius
Birthplace Brisbane, Australia
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde – dark blonde or honey blonde depending on the weather.. (scary but true!)
Food Hoki + salad + small side of chips…
Cereal sorry… no cereal for me!
Ice cream Mototo’s Chocolate
Drink Absolut Vanilla
Number 11
Color black…
Animal dogs & tigers
Body part on the opposite sex eyes
Perfume For women: Red Jeans by Versace/For men: Cool Water by Davidoff
Holiday the one without work…
Music album There are so many – Twilight OST, Only by the Night (Kings of Leon), Inshalla (Eskimo Joe), Funhouse (P!nk), Hide from the Sun (The Rasmus)…
Movie Again, so many! Twilight, Step Up, The Bourne Series, Fast & Furious Series, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions, etc…
Sport to watch – rugby union; to play – volleyball, gym, scuba diving, running…
Pepsi or Coke only Vanilla Coke… :P
McDonalds or Burger King McDonald’s if I have to…
Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee Coffee
Kiss or Hug BOTH! Must have BOTH!
Dog or Cat dogs… puppies… puppy breath = heaven!
Summer or Winter why do we have to choose??
Scary movies or funny movies funny – scary ones make my imagination work overtime & I can’t sleep afterwards…
Love or Money definitely love… 🙂
Lights on/off or candle light Candle light – gives the best mood and the best views…
Most prized posession Hmm… My camera? or my car? or my computer? without any of these, I’d feel lost… :)
Bedtime late.. definite night owl here…
Last book you read The Count of Monte Cristo – I’m so in love with him! lol~
Vehicle my feet on good days; black (Zoom Zoom!) Mazda 3 on bad days…
Best physical feature my eyes – and maybe my fingers…
First thought waking up not now… I want more sleep…
Ambition to be happy with what I have at all times, regardless of what’s going on around me…
Longest relationship too long… 5 years?
Piercings 11 maybe… lost count…
Tattoos been puzzling over this one for about 15 years… but I’m getting it next year – watch out world, here I come!
Smiled for no reason always!
Partied ’til the sun came up definitely!
Cheated your partner never… it happened to me once and the feeling is terrible… I could never do that to someone else…
Ever been beaten up no – people are usually scared of me… lol… I’m not that scary!
Ever beaten someone up not yet – no adequate reasons have presented themselves to deserve that kind of resolution…
Broke the law intentionally perhaps… visiting zoos at night is legal, isn’t it?
Ever skinny dipped yes, but perhaps a long time ago…
How many languages do you speak? not enough! 2 fluently, 1 passably, lots in “tourist” versions… (i.e. where’s the toilet? how much? money? food?)
Do you believe in love at first sight Yes – I’ve seen it and am still reeling from it…
What country do you want to visit Ecquador – the Galapagos Islands to be exact! Then Antartica, then back to Europe…
Health freak More and more so every day…
Do you think your attractive mildly…
Believe in yourself 100%!
Been in love yes…
Do you sing only to myself when no one else can hear…
Want to get married undecided – I used to think so, but as time goes by, I think about it less and less…
Can you handle the truth yes – I may not appreciate it at the time, but later on I’ll thank you… (lying is evil………)
Age you wanna lose your virginity been there, done that…
Last movie seen in theater don’t remember… 😦
Do you swear unfortunately, yes, sometimes…
What star/celebrity do people say you most resemble Drew Barrymore, Cate Blanchett… I know which one I’d rather be!


what are we so afraid of sometimes? why do we baulk at opportunities that present themselves? why are we so scared to take on a new challenge? what makes us fear the unknown? oh how i wish i had the answers to these questions, but all i know is that i want to fear less and become a little more fearless… wouldn’t that be great – taking the chance when it presents itself; being prepared to lose it all because i think it’s the right thing to do; loving without conditions and without fear of losing… perhaps we need to look at some shining examples of humans being fearless – looking at the 80 year old man who still skis the most advanced courses because they’ve got the best powder (true story) – he travels all over the world to find the best powder and to be totally fearless regardless of those around him who tell him that he’s “too old” for that kind extreme sport now… he’s 80 and he’s still living his life to the fullest… he’s a kind of inspiration – never stop being who you want to be – nothing can stop you being who you want to be unless you allow yourself to be stopped… become fearless and fear.less… remember the 90s slogan “No Fear”? well, it’s time to make it real and turn it on!