In 2013, I undertook a project where I tried to take one photo per day to share with my family and friends through Instagram and Facebook. While I did not quite achieve doing it every day (I missed probably 20 days – mostly at the start when I wasn’t sure what I was doing!), I achieved much more than I ever thought I would. It started out as a simple way to keep in touch in my year of adventure, but it became a task in mind-full-ness. Yes, I write it like that: I know the convention is “mindfulness” but I find that my mind has become very aware and very full of the world around me. Every day I see more things – sometimes everyday things, sometimes special things – and I appreciate more in my life. Sometimes it’s the simple things such as a beautiful flower; other times it is an experience that is overwhelmingly beautiful or sad or loving or engaging. But the point is that I see more than I ever have before. I take less for granted and when I think I can’t find a photo for a day, I realise that I have a lot to be thankful for and that perhaps I wasn’t as present as I wanted to be during the day. This means that I sometimes needed to hunt for a photo that could represent my day. Other times, I have so many photos that I find it incredibly difficult to choose just one – but I only choose one.

Later in 2013, I found a wonderful article written by Nic MacBean titled Snap happy: bestselling author Matthew Johnstone finds peace through photography. This article helped me put my project into clearer words and to realise what I was trying to do with it. It also gave me another book to find and read! (Note: I love books – I can’t get enough of them – more about my year in reading in a post to come.) However, being able to articulate why I am taking photos and why I want to do it every day has been enormously beneficial in understanding my motivations and intentions for myself – something deeper than just sharing images from my year of adventure – something more basic in understanding myself and my life.

Here are some of the highlights from my year of adventure, mind-full-ness, and understanding.

a beautiful flower


a sad experience

a sad experience

loving experience

a loving experience

an engaging experience

an engaging experience

a beautiful experience

a beautiful experience

…these are just a few of my favourites – you can see more on my Instagram account: http://instagram.com/tabras {shameless plug – I know!}. I intend to continue to share one photo per day throughout 2014 as well, even though my “year of adventure” is over and I’m “back to reality”, as such. Who says we can’t play with reality and enjoy what we do? 😉


food for food

paleo pancakes

I am going to try something different. I want to add more creativity to my blog, and my creativity is lying in food these days. While I love writing and love being creative in that area, I am finding it difficult to complete posts. I have so many half written posts and pebbles of ideas that I’m going crazy. I figure that if I can focus on way creative outlet at the moment, then I share it through here. So, this  is my attempt to add some creativity to the blog as an alternative to my “usual” writing of posts. I find that I have more time to be creative now in the real world, but not so much in my blog world. Until I can find a better balance, I’m going to start uploading recipes that I’ve tried and hopefully these will inspire you in your own food journey.

A brief side note: I have numerous allergies and intolerances to different foods and proteins, so I am experimenting with paleo foods and raw foods. I am not specifically on a paleo diet or a raw diet, or anything like that, but I find that these foods agree with my body and mind, so I try to eat these as much as possible. I also attempt to avoid sugar, but this is not always successful…even though it makes my body feel horrible… One day I will overcome my sugar issues, but for now, my aim is minimal sugar (and sugar alternatives).